A new "don't miss" summer read from Dr. Haykin: 8 Women of Faith

We know much about the great men from church history, but sadly, we tend to hear little about the scores of women who have been vital in the building of Christ's church. A brand-new volume from Michael A. G. Haykin makes a much-needed contribution toward remedying this imbalance. Released this week by Crossway, 8 Women of Faith examines the lives and impact of eight women with very different personalities and a diversity of gifts over two centuries. The book includes an excellent forward by Karen Swallow Prior.

Here's the table of contents:

  1. The Witness of Jane Grey, an Evangelical Queen “Faith Only Justifieth”
  2. Richard Baxter’s Testimony about Margaret Baxter “Ruled by Her Prudent Love in Many Things”
  3. Anne Dutton and Her Theological Works “The Glory of God, and the Good of Souls”
  4. Sarah Edwards and the Vision of God “A Wonderful Sweetness”
  5. Anne Steele and Her Hymns “The Tuneful Tongue That Sung . . . Her Great Redeemer’s Praise”
  6. Esther Edwards Burr on Friendship “One of the Best Helps to Keep Up Religion in the Soul”
  7. Ann Judson and the Missionary Enterprise “Truth Compelled Us”
  8. The Christian Faith of Jane Austen “The Value of That Holy Religion”

Justin Taylor takes a more in-depth examination of the book and the women it features in an article today at The Gospel Coalition. This book would make an excellent final addition to that summer reading list.

Pilgrim Radio Network recently interviewed Dr. Haykin about the book. The interview is available here.